Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Gur. Galaxy Vol.2

Rating: 7.5/10
Genre:   Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Relase Date:  05 May 2017
Director James Gunn (II)
Runtime: 2h 17min

Movie Bio  “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” opens with a franchise-defining credit sequence. As an incredibly expensive CGI battle unfolds in the background, the camera stays on an adorable Baby Groot, dancing to ELO’s “Mr. Blue Sky.” This is a series more about whimsy, excitement and family than it is “things that go boom,” and that’s what really separates in the Marvel Cinematic Universe right now. And the clever opening credits, in which the other characters have the nerve to interrupt Baby Groot’s dance number as they fight for their lives, sets the tone perfectly for what’s to come: a thoroughly enjoyable summer blockbuster. This is the rare Hollywood CGI orgy that doesn’t take itself deadly seriously—like the current plague of superhero movies—and wants to be as purely entertaining as possible. To that end, a wave of heartfelt speeches and apocalyptic sequences hinder the final act and hold the film back from pure greatness, but you’ll have had enough fun by then that you won’t really care. To be blunt, “Vol. 2” avoids many of the flaws of the first movie, and does several things notably better. It’s fun, clever and a great kick-off to the summer movie season.

In keeping with the simplicity of its title, “Vol. 2” picks up relatively shortly after the end of the first film. Groot is still a baby, and the other four members of the Guardians are on a job for the Sovereign race, led by a golden woman named Ayesha (Elizabeth Debicki). Peter Quill aka Star-Lord (Chris Pratt), Gamora (Zoe Saldana), Drax (Dave Bautista), Rocket (voiced by Bradley Cooper) and Baby Groot have to defend a valuable group of batteries from a monster called the Abilisk. They do so in exchange for a prisoner being held by the Sovereigns, Gamora’s evil sister Nebula (Karen Gillan). The mission goes off without a hitch, but Rocket steals the batteries on the way out, leading a whole race of people to come after the Guardians.

To seek vengeance, Ayesha ends up hiring someone who knows the Guardians well, Yondu (Michael Rooker), the blue-skinned Ravager who raised Peter, but there’s dissent among the Ravagers. For reasons that will become clear later, Yondu has essentially been exiled from his own people and his crew are starting to consider mutiny, especially when he’s reluctant to track Quill. At the same time, Quill finally meets his father, a Celestial named Ego, played with smooth style by Kurt Russell. In ways I won’t spoil, Star-Lord is eventually torn between his biological family and his makeshift one with the Guardians.

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