Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Mission Impossible Fallout

Genre:   Action, Adventure, Thriller
Relase Date:  27 July 2018
Director Christopher McQuarrie

Movie Bio I was pretty hard on Paramount yesterday. Even I would argue that the relative failures of movies like Annihilation and Downsizing are as much about the scary new marketplace (where adults don’t go to the movies for adult entertainment) as with the films themselves or any outside variables (competition, marketing, reviews, etc.), I haven’t had many opportunities to say nice things about the studio, even with all the huzzahs I tossed in mother’s direction last September. So, in the interest of trying not to be a total jerk, I wanted to take a few moments to note something that I should have noted nearly a month ago.

Paramount’s lone great hope for 2018 is Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible FalloutBumblebee may be so good that it retroactively saves the Transformers franchise, and heck with Travis Knight (the head of Laika and director of Kubo and the Two Strings) in the director’s chair I will walk in expecting the best. But in terms of surefire franchise/tentpole biggies, it’s essentially up to the sixth installment of Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt franchise to save the day.  So I should have taken more time either on Super Bowl Sunday or soon afterward to note that the first trailer for Mission: Impossible Fallout is the best movie trailer for any summer 2018 release.

That’s not to say that Christopher McQuarrie’s second turn in the director’s chair of what was once a revolving door (the previous five films had five distinctly different directors) will be the best movie of the summer, or that a future trailer for the likes of Avengers: Infinity WarDeadpool 2 or Ocean’s 8 won’t take the cake as we get closer to the summer kick-off. But thus far, the trailer, that dropped on Super Bowl Sunday and was somewhat drowned out by chatter about Solo and The Cloverfield Paradox, is a dynamite piece of marketing, both in that it makes the movie look superb and operates as a stand-alone piece of entertainment. It also shows off lots of action without spoiling the story.

Movie Trailer: